Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday thoughts....

*I worked out again today. I didn't want to and I was actually thinking of cancelling, but Soup Nazi beat me to it!!
*I am working instead of going to the pumpkin patch with "Miguel" (my 4-year-old boy)..does that make me a bad mother?
*Is it normal for a 4 year old to cry when he can't wear the same freaking shirt EVERY DAY?
*That child is my constant test from God.
*Ate at the new Chinese buffet place in Decatur last night....pretty good. No roaches, no fouls smells...NOTHING like the golden wok. Wonder how long it will take till that's out of business?
*Took all 4 kids to Wal-Mart last night to buy halloween costumes. It was actually not that bad. I guess the football game being played on Thursday night made it MUCH better for the Wal-Mart shoppers...didn't even have to wait in a line to check out!
*I need to get to work!!!

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