Tuesday, October 27, 2009

See, I told ya!

Ok, it's been a while, I know....I am going to seriously get back on this ball.
*I told Double D's a funny little story the other day and she said I should share.....long story short, I splattered pee on my phone during an unfortunate accident at the baseball game the other day....don't worry, It's been disinfected!!!
*I had to take the Moose to the ER the other night...turns out he's got an upper respiratory infection....not good.
*However...the staff at the Doctor's hospital in Bport were awesome! Too bad that place is going bankrupt from what I hear.
*I think I am getting carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists....is that possible at my young age?
*Speaking of being young, I found several gray hairs on my head today....I guess my hubby, Pablo, has been dying my hair again at night because I am CERTAINLY not old enough for those to be there naturally.
*I wish Texas had an actually "Fall", too bad we just get a few cool days and then winter comes
*OH, speaking of winter, I am so looking forward to black friday this year!! Those old ladies better watch out, I'm gonna plow your ass over for a Wii
*Does anyone else feel like a retard when you play the Wii? Hmmm, must just be me!
I have no news to share right now.
*Soup Nazi has been kind enough to watch my hurd of kids for me today...hope I don't get home and they have her tied up in the closet....I bet they will try.

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