Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday thoughts.....

This is how I feel right now!!

*The sound of whatever machine being used in the shop right now sounds like a chainsaw to me...I know it's not, but it's very annoying.

*I HATE chainsaws....once I was chased by a dude with a chainsaw in a haunted house and I ran smack into the wall and broke my nose.

*I have been working out every day this week except today. I literally can't walk without limping (or looking like I have a stick up my butt) because my friend, who I will refer to as the "soup nazi", made me do lunges and I haven't done those in you do the math.

*Soup Nazi is the biggest bitch I know, but always there when I need her!!

*I have to take all 4 of my kids to wal-mart after work to buy halloween costumes. Please pray as there may be a fatality amongst us if all doesn't go well!!

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